Dear heads of enterprises and private entities, entrepreneurs and innovators of manufacture!


Shostka Institute of Sumy State University (ShI SSU) offers you cooperation in solving your problem issues in the following areas:
- development of formulations, design research documentation on new products, modernization of existing facilities;
- automation and computerization of production;
- complex utilization of industrial wastes ;
- qualitative and quantitative analysis of raw materials, stuff etc.;
- development of business plans, feasibility studies, etc.;
- registration of materials on alleged inventions and work-improvement suggestion, industrial marks, firm-names and other;
- translation and editing of documents.
More information about directions and new developments is on the site of ShI SSU in paragraph "Scientific activity".
Contact information of ShISSU:
- vul.Instytuts’ka, b.6, room 202, the research sector (from 9.00 till 17.00);
- vul. Gagarina, b. 1 (former plant office "Svema"), 1st floor, business incubator, room 107 (from 15.00 till 17.00).
Director Akulenko Vitaly Lukyanovich
tel +38 (05449) 7-54-16;
tel/ fax +38(05449) 6-13-37;
Deputy Director on Research Work Pepelyaev Ivan Olexandrovych
tel/ fax +38 ( 05449) 7-42-04


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